Your business loses time and money, 1 hour per person per day, because your employees spend too much personal time on their smart phones.

WHAT IS Cellofane?

Introducing Cellofane, the lightweight mobile app that allows employers to gauge and understand in real time how smart phone abuse impacts their bottom line.

The Problem and Solution

The smart phone is here to stay. There are almost 270M cell phone subscribers in the US alone and the number will only increase, in some cases exponentially. As a result, everyone is on their phone and engaged in social media activities even when they are at work. This real addiction to smart phones, especially if they are unsupervised, is now dramatically affecting employee work productivity. The financial impact to the employer translates to a substantial loss in revenue. According to the staffing agency Office Team, it can be as high as 5 hours per week per employee. Even at an hourly minimum wage, that represents a staggering loss of yearly revenue.

The Cellofane solution is simple. It monitors the usage rate of each of your employees' smart phones in real time. You can set the amount of time allotted for phone use by employee and through online reports, you can learn whether or not your employees are practicing good smart phone etiquette or abusing the privilege when they should be working. Cellofane is an effective new tool to help employers understand smart phone behavior in the workplace and develop policies and protocols to combat its abuse. Ultimately, this allows employers the ability to stop losing revenue due to irresponsible smart phone behavior.


  • Very affordable for small business.
  • Safe and secure, Cellofane works with Android or Apple based phones.
  • Simple to download and use.
  • Oversight of smart phone use occurs in real time.
  • Scalable to any size.

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